Pumptrack Reiterkogel

The pumptrack at the valley station of the Reiterkogel lift is a great fun sport facility that can be used by bikers, inline skaters, scooter riders and skateboarders alike.

The waves and bends are designed that you can stay in motion by your own momentum. As if by an invisible hand you can ride this endless wave just pumping your bike. From time to time you gain more speed and skills. Additional pedaling is no longer necessary for experienced riders.

The pumptrack is perfect for balance, strength and endurance training. In addition, it helps to build up routine on the various tools. Beginners, for example, can make first experiences with these bumps, jumps and bends. And all in a safe environment.

Whether young skaters, freshwater inline skaters or skilled mountain bikers - the pumptrack is suitable for everyone. Whether large or small, old or young alike. Everyone can lap his rounds and really have fun here.

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